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Political lesbianism? As in choosing to be a lesbian for political reasons? You can't choose your sexual orientation. Implying that you can opens huge doors for those advocating that lgbt people just "choose to stop being gay" and that horrific things like those "gay cure" camps work.



god your sexual orientation and gender doesn’t have to be an inherent biologically justified inborn thing for it to be valid, and if you think it does you are appealing to the very systems that attack queer and trans people in the first place

having a movement that is only saying “i’m gay and i’m so sorry i can’t change it because it’s inherent” is accepting that queerness is less valid that heterosexuality

this is the problem with liberalism. a biological/scientific explanation isn’t necessary for you to be valid, it’s just an appeal to your oppressors. the only people this really helps are the ones that are thisclose to accessing their own privilege (ie. white cisgays).

it’s better to have a movement that says “you do not have to conform to the heteropatriarchal standards of society, and if you choose not to your choice is a valid and good one”. that is a radical idea, one that ties into dismantling other systems of oppression that compound on the most vulnerable members of the queer community


lmao lmao lmao lmao you’re so fucking wrong you can’t just choose to be trans or gay or straight holy shit no it is a biological thing that’s the whole fucking point if people could choose their orientations we wouldn’t be having the issues we’re having NOW WOULD WE 



A woman got breast implants made of wood yesterday

It would be funny if this joke had a punchline

Wooden tit 



Missing Moments by Chris Trevas

when u buy a CD from Wal-mart and theres no cusses or swear words on it and it complies with the wishes of Jesus Lord God

Can’t decide if this belongs here, or r/atheism but here’s my new shirt!


Can’t decide if this belongs here, or r/atheism but here’s my new shirt!

There’s so much going on here.

There’s so much going on here.


Guess what everybody’s going as this Halloween.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

SDCC debuted this image of Ben Affleck as Batman.




One of these #ComicConBands will boldly go where no man has gone before on tonight’s new @midnight!


The day after your birthday is so anti climactic :/

Birthdays are so anticlimactic ever since I turned 21.


nickis new single cover



taking a good selfie with a puppy is impossible 



Just got the Kim Kardashian app to see what all the fuss is all about. Don’t judge me.

I am curious too tbh

Do it. I haven’t even opened it yet.